2017_Guest School

Guest School

La Fémis
(Paris, France)



Founded in 1986 and chaired since 2010 by film director Raoul Peck, La Fémis is the French National Cinema School based in Paris. The school’s mission is to provide, in liaison with the professional industry, initial and continuous education and training in the disciplines of film, television and all other forms of communication and audiovisual expression, and confer a degree qualification. With the drive to promote and disseminate film and audiovisual culture as well as theoretical, artistic and technical research in the areas of cinematography and sound production, every year, La Fémis produces around 260 short films and 60 of them are selected and awarded in more than 100 national and international film festivals. The school designs, drafts, produces, publishes and distributes educational, artistic, technical and scientific documents concerning the disciplines in the cinematography and sound production sectors, in particular the audiovisual works and documents produced by students during their training at La Fémis.

The School also offers continuous learning workshops in the areas of screenwriting, documentary development, production and cinema management for industry professionals. Instead of having a permanent faculty staff, the School is supported by over 500 professional tutors who teach the various programs and short courses each year. Another crucial mission of La Fémis is to cooperate with institutions in France and overseas that share similar or related objectives.