Contact – International Student Film Festival

Hello to all film lovers, students and academics from İzmir, our beautiful city on the western edge of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. Hello to shapers, transformers, builders and disruptors of the future of cinema.

Since 2014, we have been working hard to bring you a student film festival that can act as a weeklong opportunity for filmmakers to meet each other, especially the ones that you normally wouldn’t find a chance to get to know: film students from all around the world coming together so that they can show their creations, share ideas and partake in. Our passion is, first and foremost, cinema. Not a static, homogeneous, one-language-speaking but a diverse, inclusive and innovative cinema.

Festivals’ internationality does not only come from the competitors, but also with guest schools that the festival hosts each year as it did in the past with Lodz Film School from Poland, ESTC from Portugal, La Femis from France, HFF Munich from Germany and other prestigious schools around the world. This lets all attendees of the Festival to connect with each other, during events and masterclasses given by professionals from the fıeld and from academia. The dream is to provide students a welcoming, horizon opening, enriching festival: full of conversations, meetings and new ideas arising from encounters of people from different countries, different languages and cultural backgrounds.

Join us in Yaşar University where Contact International Student Film Festival is realized every year. With the colloboration of Yaşar University, let’s share our love of cinema and have a chat, dream up a new film, make new friends, make contact.

Hope to see you soon!

An out-of-competition programme will feature screenings and masterclasses by international guests and film schools, special presentation and exhibitions, workshops and talks.